About Our Products

BodarX®; designs and manufactures accommodation modules, office solutions, hygienic units, worksite kitchens, resting hubs, health units that can be equipped with many functions, portable, ready-to-use living spaces.
All technical details of BodarX® are solved according to environment friendly criteria.
Besides the standard series of BodarX®, “supergreen hub” series that favors higher environment sensitivity, designed for companies and regions, with high thermal insulation, energy saving and even able to generate its own energy is also offered to our customers.
This series is especially preferred in terms of low operating costs in very cold or very hot climates.
The areas of use for BodarX® modules cover a very wide range.
Thanks to patented “thermal bridge” body structure, it can create comfortable living spaces even in the most challenging climate conditions.
Thanks to its high thermal insulation, heating and cooling costs are much lower than other products on the market.
Its modular structure is accessible to the needs and available to a wide variety of combinations.

It can be combined as 3 floored without the need for any external construction.
The useful life of the modules is much longer thanks to the robust body structure compared to other products in the industry. For this reason, it is a preference for the companies that purchase for leasing.
Maintenance expenses are very low.
Although our living modules are designed for temporary residential areas, they can be transformed into permanent structures with BODARFLEX system, and can easily switch to permanent building form from personnel containers to supermarkets, schools, dormitories, hospitals, office complexes and even residences and detached villas.
It is extremely rigid and safe in terms of static and dynamic.
Thanks to its structure suitable for special orders, you can realize your own designs very quickly.
With its fast and secure installation system, you can create living spaces for hundreds of people in one day.

About Our Production

Manufacture of BodarX® modules are made in the Crystal Industrial factory, established in Antalya, Turkey, with 75.000 m2 closed area, R&D center and state of the art technological manufacturing capabilities, and with Norranatura EU license.

The products of all globally recognized brands are used in our manufacture.

Our Suppliers